The Nigerian State is geographically located along the Southern Atlantic Coastline. The coastline is approximately 1,000km long from the Badagry foreshore to the Calabar shoreline. All of the land adjacent to this coastline is typically low-lying swamp land rich in petroleum and mineral resources.

 Hydraulic reclamation technique allow for the conversion of low-lying swamp land into economically useful landfills which can be used for urban and industrial purposes. Dredged materials from the various bodies of water within the Nigerian Coastal System are used to reclaim the adjacent foreshores. This is an economic solution to the problems of industrial and urban expansion

 Bulksands Limited has perfected the skill of converting low-lying swamp land into beautiful and aesthetically pleasing valuable pieces of waterfront real estate for numerous clients.

Completed Reclamation of Lekki Foreshore, Lagos.