Our Survey department is fully equipped to handle all manner of marine surveys related to the dredging and construction industry which include;

Survey Boat fully Equipped with Digital Echo Sounder with GPS interface


Digital Echo Sounder with GPS interface


Hydrographic Survey

Bathymetric Survey

Sand Search

Sonar Sweep

Seabed Mapping/Profiling

Pre/Post Dredge Topographic Survey

Satellite positioning with DGPS


Sand Search Survey


Post Survey of Lekki Foreshore


Our survey boat is well equipped with the latest Hemisphere GPS 200 Series that guarantees sub metre accuracy in satellite positioning and Hydrobox Echo Sounder that gives millimeter accuracy in depth measurements.

 Tide gauges and current meters guarantee proper hydrographic data acquisition while our hypack hydrographic survey software enables digital computer aided designs of dredging project sites like digital terrain models, seabed models of navigation channels/canals and sand stockpiles to be precisely reproduced on plans and maps to scale. Accurate Quantity determination of dredged material which is vital in costing is also ensured with this software.

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